J4J--Joyful for Jesus (Sunday School)

Leader: Deb Bussard




J4J (Joyful for Jesus) -- Kids learning about Jesus and the Bible through games, stories, science, crafts, cooking and more.

A new year of J4J begins on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2014.

Children (age 3 through 5th grade) will begin in the sanctuary for the worship service at 10:30.

Children are welcome to sit with a teacher (look for Mrs. Bussard in the front pews) or with their family. After the Praise Music and Children’s Time, the kids will go to the Sunday School area (upstairs behind the sanctuary) with their teachers. If children come late, they can go immediately to the Sunday School rooms.
Teachers will lead children through creative learning activities - that will teach and reinforce each unit theme. Kids will have opportunities to learn through various activity centers which may include an art center, drama and storytelling center, games center, cooking and science center, technology center, and unit specific center. Each week children will experience one center, creatively learning that week’s lesson.
Classes will finish up at the same time worship service ends (11:30) and parents are asked to pick up their children personally from the Sunday School area at this time.
Note: Middle School, High School, and Adult classes will continue to meet from 9:15 – 10:15.
 The nursery will continue to be available during worship service for pre-school children, especially those aged 2 and younger.
Parents, guardians, friends and families are encouraged to join in the J4J fun by volunteering for a day, month, or unit.
Teachers and helpers, as well as supplies and materials are welcome and needed.
 If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Deb Bussard, Sunday School Superintendent, at 594-2467 or buzz5023@aol.com.
Come for the season!  Come for the month!  Come for the year!
COME AND JOIN US at 10:30 for J4J

 Everyone is welcome!  Come when you can!

*     *     *     *     *

J4J Leaders (10:30-11:30):  Deb Bussard, Jane Milem, and Rachel Tompkins

Middle School (9:15-10:15):  taught by Randy Stewart

High School (9:15-10:15):  taught by Bruce Clingerman

Adults (International Lesson) (9:15-10:15): taught by Carol Agnew

Adults (Life Issues) (9:15-10:15): taught by Mary Anjo


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