Nepal Missionary

Dr. Mark Zimmerman works for the Nick Simons Institute providing rural health care in Nepal.

To read more about his missionary service, click here.

Deirdre Zimmerman works for the Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Service, helping to improve nutrition for children and families.  

You can visit the NPCS web site, by clicking here.

To read recent letters from Nepal, click here.

Our church is a covenant partner with Dr. Mark & Deirdre Zimmerman; we commit to pray for them & their sons [Zachary (5/9/02) and Benjamim (5/23/04)] and for their ministry.  We also commit to provide financial support to this mission.  Donations for this ministry are welcome.  You can place contributions in the offering plate, put them in the 4th Sunday mission banks, or mail gifts to the church office:  PO Box 369, North Rose, NY 14516. 

You can send notes or birthday cards  (Deirdre's birthday is 7/17 & Mark's birthday is 7/6) to them at: NSI, Box 8975, EPC 1813, Kathmandu, Nepal.


  November 2020  
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